1. The Bryn Du Allotment Association is the Data Controller.
  2. The purpose for holding and storing data is to obtain and store up-to-date contact list of all allotment holders to enable normal allotment business.
  3. Data collected and stored is that which is supplied by the individual on the annual/initial application form.
  4. Data is stored on password-protected computers, and where printed out it is kept in such a manner so as to reasonably prevent it from disclosed to unauthorised parties.
  5. Data is only shared where it is deemed in the interests of the individual AND NOT to any marketing-linked organisations. It may be shared with the County Council and any other regulatory organisations. 
  6. Data will not be shared with any organisation outside of the EU.
  7. Data will be retained until 6 months after an individual leaves the Allotment Association.
  8. Each data subject has rights, visit www.ico.org.ukfor further up-to-date information on this. These include rights to complain and the subject individuals rights.
  9. Should consent be withdrawn, this should be done by writing or emailing the Chairman of the Bryn Du Allotment Association or using the CONTACT US on our website. Please direct all queries via out CONTACT page and we will get back to you with details.
  10. It is a requirement to provide mandatory information as per the application form in order to be allocated a plot. ‘Not applicable’ may be used for any elements where compliance is not possible … eg where an individual does not have an email address.
  11. No automated decision making is carried out on the data.
  12. For more information visit the www.ico.org.uk or contact them directly.