Plot Availability


We have plots available:


Option 1: For experienced gardeners and allotment keepers: We term this a "Full Plot", 10m x 10m, and we currently charge an annual fee of £40.  It's perfect for those who feel ready to take the next step upwards in size having worked a half plot.


Option 2: For people with some allotment growing experience: We term this a "Half Plot", 5m x 10m, and we currently charge an annual fee of £25. Suitable for experienced growers who don't want to take on too much. A half plot is still pretty huge and you'll be surprised what you can grow in it! 


Option 3: For those who have never had an allotment: We term this a "Learning Plots", typically 5m x 5m or smaller, and we charged an annual fee of £20 in 2018. We provide the use of our tools (until you decide to buy your own), and all you need to buy are the seeds or plants. Our committee members are on hand to provide advice on what you would like to grow, and help with suggestions as to the size of a plot and advice on growing those crops. You should ask about how to prepare the soil, planting, and tending to weeds (there's an easy and a hard way). Be warned ..... its very easy to over-estimate the time you will have available in your free time and how frequently and diligently you will be able to tend your plot, so holster your plans for "allotment-domination" when first starting out ... this will be the key to your success. The aim is to grow something that you like to eat, to grow it successfully, and to not lose control of your huge plot ........ resulting in your hopes and dreams being ravaged by weeds and birds and insects. We will insist that anyone who has never had an allotment before starts off with a learning plot.

Please NOTE before applying:


1. Gardening requires physical effort, so new members need to be prepared and ready to do some hard work! Allotment growing is NOT "plant-and-forget" .... its a continual (but enjoyable) process. 


2. All members are requested to help out in tending for the communal areas from time-to-time. The tasks are all voluntary, but a call to help should always be answered!

3. If new members fail to upkeep their plot, then a verbal warning will be issued. If this is not heeded, then the committee reserves the right to suspend that persons membership. We don't follow any paperwork or lengthy process of review, and we would like new members to be aware of this.


4. Have your read our Is It Right For Me webpage? 


5. Have you read our SAFETY GUIDANCE webpage? These are our rules and regulations which all new members sign up to.